Friday, August 11, 2006

politics as usual.....

Once again, the electoral process in this country continues to surprise and amaze me. Six years ago, when my home state of Missouri elected Mel Carnahan, a dead man, to the senate, I truly thought that we had seen the weirdest thing possible. Of course, that was the same year that Hillary Clinton, a first lady, was elected to represent a state that she'd never lived in in the U.S. Senate, and the same year when, as the ACLU claims, Al Gore was elected President. THEN.... four years later, Ohio was the focus of everyone's interest, and although there weren't too many hanging chads, a Frenchman, John Kerry, almost became president.
Now, only two years later, things get even more intriguing. Joe Liberman, the Democratic who, again according to the ACLU, was the new vice president, was dissed by his own party and lost in his primary election for the Senate. It is amazing to watch the Democratic party jump ship quickly, treating Liberman like a right-wing conservative instead of one of the few Democrats with a mildly balanced head. Instead, it appears that the candidate who is supported by, Cindy Sheehan and everyone else who's slighly left of Castro, is the candidate that represents the interests of the New Democratic Party. Oh, if I could move to Connecticut so that I could join the Republicans for Lieberman campagin!!!
Anyways, in spite of all of the weirdness that's going on, it's good to see that some bloggers don't take all politics too seriously. Since we already have elected politicians, who are barely real people, why not consider electing people who aren't real in the first place. This would be the perfect combination of relaity and fiction!!!!

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